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Sizing A Steam Generator (Quick Guide)

  A steam shower generator is an appliance to look for if you want to enjoy a steam bath. Many models and sizes from different manufacturers are in the market, making it difficult to choose the right one in a cubic foot. However, our article on sizing a steam generator had made it easier to go about this process.    How To Get Started Sizing a Steam Generator? There are 3 steps which are as follows: 1. Measure and multiply  Measure the enclosure in feet where the steam shower generator will be install.  I.E = Length x Width x Height in feet    2. Adjust calculated measurement in a cubic foot Materials : for glass block or ceramic, or porcelain multiply by 1.35, for marble, or natural stone multiply by 2.0. But if the materials mention is not what is used to construct your steam shower room, then consult the manufacturers for the precise recommendation. For exterior wall : for 2, multiply by 1.2, for 1 multiply by 1.1. Ceiling height : 9 + 1 feet ceiling, multiply b